Covid-19 precautions


In the light of the Covid-19 pandemic we are in the middle of if you are intending to come to Hedgehog Club this week I would like to outline some precautions that I am implementing to keep us all as safe as possible. Hand washing is one of the main ways we can help prevent the spread of the disease. I will bring as much warm water for hand washing as I am able. If you are able to bring some handwashing water as well that will help enormously. I have not been able to source any alcohol gel so if you would like to bring your own please do.
I will be asking everyone to wash their hands before we start the session, before we eat and when you leave.
All utensils are washed after each use in the dishwasher but please feel free to bring your cups/plates etc if you are at all concerned.
I will be following the government guidelines and will inform you as soon as I can if I need to cancel classes.
By working together we can help keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. Thanks for your support. 

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