Stick Man Day at The Hedgehog Club in Deer Park Wood

On a lovely warm and sunny day we all set to work making our own stick men/women/children or even aliens in some cases!

So how do you make a Stick Man?

1. First find some suitable sticks- these can be any size

2. Use tape to attach the legs together.

3. Attach the legs to the body.

4. Then attach the arms to your body as well.

5. Make a head from clay.

6. Finally make a face for your stick person. Some people used grass heads, some used buttercups and others used charcoal for eyes.

Look at my Stick Man.

They all looked amazing and the children then took them into the woods and went on an adventure. One stick man had great fun playing hide and seek in the woods with his friends.

As well as making Stick men we also went bug hunting and found some tiny snails, shiny black beetles and slugs. We had a good look at them and then returned them carefully to their homes.

All this fun had made us thirsty and hungry so, despite the temperature, hot chocolate was still needed, as well as homemade biscuits.

At the end of the session the children took their stick people home with them and took a well-earned rest.

Thanks for coming everyone and hope to see you at the last session for this term on Friday May 25th.

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