Friday Fun at Deer Park Wood - Winter Term

The Hedgehog Club will continue each Friday during the winter term. The new term starts on Friday 2nd November and the last session will be 14th December.

One of the key principles of Forest School is that it continues all year. The children then get the opportunity to experience the wood in all seasons and in all weathers. There is much evidence that being outdoors in all weathers has many health benefits and helps build a natural resilience.

What is a typical session at Hedgehog Club like?

Every week we will have a different theme to think about and explore. This may include a story with some craft activities based on it. These activities will be seasonal, and we will use as many natural resources as possible. Recently we have talked about bats, autumn and mud.

Always available: The mud kitchen – come and mix yourself a tasty treat. Mud soup anyone? The hammocks are always up if anyone fancies a chill out. Bug hunting pots and magnifiers – to explore the amazing creatures with which we share our world. Each week we will have a snack cooked on the fire to go with a hot drink and homemade biscuits.

There is also time for your child to follow their own interests and explore the natural environment at their own pace.

Keeping warm

We do want people to be happy and comfortable and go by the adage of 'there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.' So, at this time of year we begin to think about how we can keep both children and their adults warm. Layers are the key as shown below in the picture and you need to pay particular attention to the feet as these and hands get very cold. Wellies do get very cold so at a basic level wearing a couple of pairs of warm socks helps. Going to the next level insulated wellies are great at keeping you warm. These can be the expensive (but really good!) neoprene Muck Boots for adults or Warm Wellies (medium pricing) do children sized ones as do Bogs. Bogs do nice soft looking booties for Pre-Walkers and so do Togz, who have fleece lined waterproof booties. Viking do another range of insulated boots including snowboots, which are an alternative to insulated boots and are readily found in many places along with thermally lined duck boots. Decathlon usually do a fluffy lined welly for children and adults, which are cheaper than previous brands mentioned. Scandinavian clothing brands are a good source of any outdoor clothing as they are obviously designed for cold temperatures. Some fleece lined waterproofs can be found at the Raindrops website or Didrikson are another brand, but Muddy Puddles is a great uk company for a range of waterproofs at an affordable price. Watch out for bargains at Lidl too as they do a range of fleece lined children's waterproofs. Gloves can be tricky for little ones, as life must be touched so mostly they won't keep them on! Fingerless gloves or magic 'stretchy' ones with mittens to go on top (especially if waterproof) can be a good option or even long sleeves to tuck hands into when giving them a heat up. Ski gloves for older children are a good choice. My favourite for myself are from Decathlon are neoprene fingerless gloves with hook on and off mitten style cover, which on very cold days I wear a thin pair of running gloves underneath. Hopefully this gives you all some helpful pointers on kitting yourselves up for our wonderful winter sessions next term, where we can all appreciate the beauty of the season...

Term dates

Each Friday during term time from 2nd November to 14th December.

The fun starts at 10 and finishes at 12pm.

You can book the sessions week by week at a cost of £7 per child and £6 for siblings. Children under 6 months do not pay. Or you can book the whole term and pay £5 per session.

Booking is in advance via the website.

Follow the links to bookings. All directions and information are on the website but if you have any other questions do get in touch