Forest School Sessions for Preschoolers in September

Tuesdays at Cogges Farm and Fridays at Deer Park Wood.

These sessions start at 10am and finish at 12pm. Each week there is a different theme such as bees, dinosaurs, The Gruffalo, etc with specific activities around the theme. Always available are the mud kitchen, bug hunting, hammocks, sensory activities for babies as well as general exploration of the area. Snack time involves cooking a snack on the fire such as pancakes, cheesy wraps, popcorn to name but a few things we can cook. Hot chocolate, squash, tea, coffee and homemade biscuits are also available.

What is Forest School and what are the benefits for my child?

Forest School: is a totally child led way of connecting young children with nature. Activities are available but the children choose what they want to do and explore the environment in their own way.


  • Being in nature helps improve our wellbeing: there have been some studies recently which say that spending 2 hours each week connecting with nature can improve our health and wellbeing.

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At Hedgehog Club the sessions are 2 hours long and we are outside for the whole time. Your child will have the opportunity to hunt for bugs, play in the mud kitchen and use natural materials to create whatever they want.

  • Children learn how to manage risk for themselves: if a child can experience risks in a safe environment, they learn their limitations and develop an awareness of the risks and are able to deal with them. This develops resilience- trying and trying again until they succeed. The Health and Safety Executive believe adventurous play is important, and that it allows children and young people time to “explore and understand their abilities […] and exposes them to the realities of the world in which we live, which is a world not free from risk but rather one where risk is ever-present”.

At Hedgehog Club there are opportunities to take risks that have been assessed to be safe such as climbing trees, cooking on the fire and using some tools (if they are ready for this, that is.) All activities are assessed for the benefits that they can bring for the children taking part and the risks are then managed.

  • Learning about out world and how we can protect it: David Attenborough says "No-one will protect what they do not care about; and no-one will care about what they have never experienced"

Part of the mission of The Hedgehog Club is help children and their families become aware of the natural world and learn about how it works in order to care about it. During the sessions we will be bug hunting and using natural materials in craft activities.

How to book and find out more -

A single session costs £7 or book the whole term and pay the equivalent of £5 / session.

Purchase more than one ticket on one booking, for example, for siblings, to receive a 10% discount.

Booking is essential and is through the website following the booking links. You will also find details about the venues on the website. If you have any more questions do get in touch.

Thanks again to Alexandra Tandy Photography for the wonderful photos.