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Winter Forest School

Hedgehog Club News November 2019

Winter Forest School

As November begins and the weather starts to turn a little chillier you maybe unsure about being outdoors when the weather is so cold. You maybe asking yourself these questions: do children get sick a lot? Don’t they catch colds from being outside in the winter? Don’t they get cold and wet and freezing?

But I would like to put the other side of the argument to you and encourage you to sign up to a winter term of Forest School. There are many benefits to being outside in cold weather: Including-

  • running around gulping great big lungfuls of fresh air.

  • raising their heart rates by climbing, digging, rolling, jumping and swinging, a mixture of bone strengthening, muscle building and cardiovascular exercise.

  • improving their emotional health, allowing for relaxation and calmness and a heightened sense of well being.

  • building up their immunity playing with dirt, mud and other natural materials.

The British Heart Foundation states that 2-5 year olds should be taking at least 3 hours exercise every day to benefit their current health but also to install future health habits and benefits.

“Children of pre-school age who are capable of walking unaided should be physically active daily for at least 180 minutes (3 hours), spread throughout the day.

— BHF National Centre

So, with all that evidence in front of you what are you waiting for?

Book your child onto a term of Hedgehog Club either at Cogges Farm, Witney on Tuesday mornings 10-12pm or at Deer Park Wood, Witney on Friday mornings. (Cogges starts on November 5th and Deer Park starts on November 8th.)

The total cost for a 6 week term is £30 if you book all sessions at the beginning. (A saving of £2 per session.) If you want to try a one-off session the cost is £7 per session.

The sessions are open to preschool age children and their carers. The sessions run along Forest School principles so are led by what your child wants to do. Each week the mud kitchen, the hammocks, bug hunting and cooking on the fire are always available. There is a theme each week with a story and the session ends with cooking on the campfire, drinking hot chocolate and eating homemade biscuits. The theme for week one will fireworks.

Booking is in advance on the website

If you have any questions do message me or email me on

Thanks, as always, to Alexandra Tandy Photography for the photo.

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