The Hedgehog Club Fun Fact Sheets Fact Sheet 1 Hedgehogs

Did you know?

  • There are 14 different species of hedgehog around the world.

  • The hedgehog in the UK is the European hedgehog

  • Hedgehogs live for 2-5 years in the wild, but some have lived to be 10

  • An adult hedgehog has 7,000 spines and a small hidden tail. The spines are made of keratin the same as our hair and nails

  • Babies are born in May and leave the nest 4 weeks later

  • Baby hedgehogs are called hoglets

  • They have long legs and can run as fast as we can walk

  • They are called hedgehogs because- hedge for where they live and hog for the snuffling, squeaks they make

What do they eat?

  • Beetles

  • Slugs

  • Snails

  • Worms and other invertebrates

What to do if you want them to visit your garden:

  • You need lots of creepy crawlies- these can be attracted by planting a variety of different plants, creating log piles and leaving an area of the lawn to grow long and a bit wild

  • Create a Hedgehog Highway so they can roam between gardens. You need a hole in surrounding fences 13cm by 13cm

  • Don’t use slug pellets or pesticides in the garden

  • If you have a pond make a little escape ladder so they can get out if they fall in, they can swim but if they are in too long they will get tired and die

  • You could even make a hedgehog house or buy one online, so they have somewhere to hibernate when the weather gets colder

  • Provide shallow bowls of water around the garden

  • Leave cat/dog food for them, never leave milk as they are intolerant of it

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