The Current Adventures of Woodland Elf

Woodland Elf has been very busy over the weekend- he has been getting messy with squidgy mud, collecting natural treasures and creating spider webs in the trees.

Woodland Elf loves getting messy so we made some muddy faces on the tree in the garden with some squishy mud. It was great fun. But I am sure you could create some even better ones of your own.

We have also done some yoga outside. It was very relaxing, pretending to be a swaying tree. Lovely.

We have also been for a lovely nature walk when Woodland Elf was very busy collecting lots of natural treasures- feathers, stones, and other lovely things. What will you find on your next walk in the countryside?

Woodland Elf is also very interested in spiders so we had a go at creating some of our own webs today in the hedge. We used lots of different coloured bits of wool Do you have any bits of wool that you could use to create a lovely web in the garden? (Don't leave the wool there for a long time as animals might get stuck in the wool and injure themselves.)

I wonder what he will get up to next?

Are you enjoying his adventures? Do send me a message if you have done any of the activities.

Take care