Woodland Elf Round Up

With only 7 more sleeps to Christmas Woodland Elf has been busy this week.

He did some pretend fishing in a bucket and caught some very interesting creatures, he had a look in the garden pond to see if he could spot anything swimming around and we got quite messy painting an old sheet with some mud!

What have you been up to this week?

Here he is having a look in the pond....

We didn't see anything in there except a few leaves. Do you have a pond in your garden?

The pretend fishing in a bucket was such fun. Here is what we caught..


Woodland Elf got very messy with the mud painting but he was very pleased with what he created. he wants me to dry it and hang it on the wall???


Do let me know if you have a a go at any of these activities. Share the pictures on Facebook.

Have a good weekend. Have fun and get outside.