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Fun and learning in the woods

Welcome to the Hedgehog Club



My name is Mandy Warwick and I am the founder of the Hedgehog Club. I am a Level 3 Forest School leader with over 30 years’ experience as a primary school teacher.

From the time spent as a young child recording animals and birds in my Nature Notebook, to deciding to step out of the classroom and into the woods, I have had an interest and passion for nature and the outdoors.  I am personally motivated by seeing the positive impact of outdoor learning on children.  We also have great fun!!

I have public liability insurance, am DBS checked and have a current outdoor first aid certificate.

What do children say?

At Hedgehog Club I like…

“Swinging on the rope swing”

“Climbing trees”

“Finding a secret door”

“Toasting marshmallows”

“Eating popcorn”

“Collecting a large stick with friends to help me”

What do parents say?

Hedgehog Club gave us the opportunity to be creative and adventurous together. Everything is so well prepared that we could get stuck right in from the outset with all the den-building, bug-hunting, mud-pie-making fun. 

My daughters loved the sense of freedom and I loved the sense of responsibility my 3-year-old gained. She took care of washing her and her baby sister's hands (pouring their water, picking their washcloths, squirting their soap) and felt very grown up being able to cook around the campfire. 

My 1-year-old was just thrilled with the crinkling tarps, squelching mud, splashing water, swooshing grass -- it's a delightfully wild baby sensory experience. 

Mandy's setup to facilitate all this was perfect and she was fantastic at answering all the children's questions, sharing their excitement and guiding them into new experiences. 

Edward attends The Hedgehog club every week, come rain or shine and with or without grandma! He loves finding bugs, we found the world's slowest worm and the world's fastest worm! 
Mandy is brilliant with the children and would definitely recommend any of her Forest school activities and clubs to anyone who asks.

Jade, Edwards' mum

"No-one will protect what they do not care about; and no-one will care about what they have never experienced"

Sir David Attenborough


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