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Have you ever been licked by a hedgehog?

Well today I was! How exciting is that? Her name is Willow and she is 24 days old and so cute. She has the cutest pink tongue and thought my hand tasted very nice, even gave me a bit of nibble as well. Thank goodness her adult teeth haven’t grown yet!

I was visiting the Minster Lovell Hedgehog Rescue and Rehabilitaiton Centre to drop off some towels. Andrea is the lady who runs it and is as mad on hedgehogs as I am, well maybe more so as she is looking after 13 of them at the moment! Including 3 little ones who are only 3 days old. These need to be fed every 3 hours so it is a full time but very rewarding job.

It all started when she found 6 babies in her garden and no mum in sight. This prompted her to start her own rescue centre and she has been doing it ever since. She loves them and nurtures them until they weigh more than 600g and then releases them back into the wild. Andrea has attended a course on how to look after them at The Vale Wildlife Centre.

Since starting up she has been overwhelmed by peoples generosity and has recently been donated an incubator, which is saving the lives of the 3 little ones as we speak.

If you find hedgehogs out and about that are injured or babies that have lost their mum she is very happy to be contacted and will look after them until they can be released into the wild.

But running the centre also costs money and they are looking for donations of items to help look after these endangered animals. If you are able to donate any of the following please get in touch with her: nitrile gloves(large), steripods, gauze swabs, safe 4 disinfectant, kitchen roll, cotton buds, hand towels and tea towels, vet bed, cat and dog food- meaty flavours, cat biscuits, hedgehog food and newspaper. They will be gratefully received.

Andrea Cross 01993 775075/ 07786 962211

Find them on

FB- Minster Lovell Hedgehog Rescue

Instagram- minsterhedgies.

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