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What to expect at a Hedgehog Club activity day

What is it?

Each holiday we organise a number of activity days so that children can spend a day outside making dens, hunting for bugs, learning some new skills and having fun with others in a natural environment..

Who is it for?

Some of the sessions are for younger children to attend with their adults. These are for children who are crawling up to 4 years of age. Then there are full day sessions which are for older children. From 5 years up to 11 years old. These are drop off days.

Where does it take place?

We use Breach Wood on the outskirts of Hailey. This is a Millenium wood and is maintained by Wychwood Project and a group of volunteers. Part of your fee goes towards the upkeep of the woods.

What will they do?

During the day there are a range of activities on offer including den building, using tools as well as natural craft activities, bug hunting and scavenger hunts. The sessions are based on Forest School principles so are led by what the children want to do. Activities are on offer, but children are free to follow their own interests.

Why come to an activity day?

A day at Hedgehog Club is all about being outside, meeting new friends and learning about the natural environment. It is a day away from all technology and gives them a chance to use their imagination and learn some new skills.

For the older children the days are full days 9.30am until 3.30pm and are for children aged over 5 up to 11 years old.

The children start the day building their base with other children using tarpaulins, ropes and natural materials.

They don’t need to come with friends as they all work together and soon make friends

We also offer snacks such as marshmallows toasted on the fire and drinks and homemade biscuits are also available

At the end of the day they leave dirty, tired and happy.

There will some activity days in the Easter holidays. Monday 11th, Tuesday 12th and 13th April. Check out the diary page on the website for more detail. Booking coming soon.


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