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Camp Fire Cooking

Hopefully we can now light the fire and have got the kit that we need. Today is the first of the recipes.

1. Damper/Bannock bread.

To make the basic recipe all you need is flour- plain or self raising it doesn't matter and some water. You can add some sugar, mixed spice, cinnamon- whatever flavours you like.

Once you have the dough ready get the fire lit. It is good to wait until it is hot with some embers rather than flames as this will cook the bread quicker and it will be brown rather than black, like mine!

Twist it around your stick and cook.

Cook until it is brown all over- cook each side rather than keep twisting it. Watch it brown then turn to brown the next side.

Once you have removed it from the stick, without burning your fingers, you can dip it in honey, jam, nutella, whatever you want. You can also put a hot dog through the hole or some cheese. You choose- let me know how you eat yours?

Other variations are a bashed up packet of ginger nuts in with the flour to make ginger bannocks. Or Christmas bannock with some fruit mincemeat in the mixture You can do Easter bannock as well using the spices for hot cross buns and some dried fruit in the mixture. Anything goes really.

Have fun, enjoy the outdoors and stay safe.

Next Up- What can you cook on a stick?


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