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Getting Outside in the winter

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It can be hard to motivate ourselves to get outside when it is cold or raining but Forest School is all about getting outside at all times of year and in all weathers. I love the quote that talks about not waiting for that one good day to get out. By doing so we spend our life waiting and not experiencing all that nature and the weather can offer to us. By going outside in the cold or wet we are building our resilience.

'There is no such thing as bad weather just bad clothing'- I think the quote comes from Scandinavia, where people enjoy the outdoors in more extremes than we experience in the UK. If you are warm when you go out you will enjoy the experience more and be able to stay out for longer.

This is the information that I send out to my groups when the weather starts to turn colder.

The secret to keeping warm at Forest School is layers – thin to start with and thicker on top.

Top half -

Layer 1 – vest or thin t shirt

Layer 2 – t shirt, long sleeved

Layer 3 – fleece or jumper

Layer 4 – rain coat/ waterproof jacket

Bottom half –

Layer 2 – tights/thermal leggings

Layer 3 – joggers- not jeans

Layer 3 - waterproof trousers (if you have them)


Layer 1 - thin socks/knee high socks

Layer 2 – thicker socks/ wellie liners

Shoes – wellies/ old trainers

Top all this with hat, gloves, scarf.

You can go the whole hog with this or layer up until you feel comfortable.

If your child doesn't want to wear a coat or hat just take it along with you and when they start to feel cold you have it for them to pop on. Don't let that be a barrier to getting outside. Some children just do not feel the cold.

Then once you are out there every type of weather brings a new set of experiences for you to enjoy- muddy puddles, paddling in a flooded field, cracking ice on puddles, the list is endless.

Now more than ever we need our daily dose of fresh air. So layer up and get outside- maybe even taking a flask of hot chocolate and some biscuits to keep everyone going. Have fun and enjoy all the weather has to throw at us.

Thanks to Alexandra Tandy Photography for the photos.


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