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Stay Safe, Keep Active and Get Outside.

Each week on the Facebook and Instagram pages I will be creating some activities, a weekly challenge as well as a weekly story session for you to catch up with. This will work together with the weekly blog about all things outdoors.

Some of you have asked where I got the fire pit from and are interested in doing something like this in your gardens. This blog includes a video of how to light the fire and what to use. I hope it is helpful.

I will be putting up some recipes that you can use on the fire. If you have any requests do let me know and I will do my best to help.

The fire pit was from Amazon. I like it because it isn’t too heavy or too large so you can do a little fire to cook some marshmallows on quickly or you can add logs if you want to keep it going for longer.

This is the firepit - MTS Cast Iron Garden Fire Pit Basket Patio Heater Log Wood Charcoal Burner Brazier that I use each week.

The twizzlers that I talk about in the video can be bought in small quantities from supermarkets, but I also buy them on Amazon - Flamers 50 Natural Stove-Barbecue BBQ Firelighters New Larger Pack. Or they do even bigger packs- depends how many fires you are thinking of having!

The easiest things to cook are of course marshmallows. You just need sticks to put them on. I use hazel twigs whittled to a point, but you could use BBQ skewers if you wanted. If you want to make ‘smores’ you will need marshmallows, chocolate biscuits or plain. Toast the marshmallow to your liking. Then squash between 2 biscuits and enjoy. Watch out with marshmallows as they get very hot and can burn you very easily.

Remember to keep safe around the fire pit:

· Don’t run around near it

· Keep your distance

· Have water available in case of burns or to put it out quickly

· Always have an adult to supervise

Have fun but stay safe.

Don’t forget to share any pictures and recipes of your campfire fun. Thanks.


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