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Woodland Elf has fun in the rain

What a wet week it has been? But that hasn't stopped Woodland Elf getting out and about and having fun in the puddles and the mud.

Have you been getting out in the rain? We hope so, as it is such fun to pull on your waterproofs and your wellies and get out there.

Here are some the things Woodland Elf has been doing....

In Foxburrow Wood there is a small stream and because of the rain it was running very fast. We watched the water rushing past for a while and then we had a go at the game of Pooh sticks. Have you ever played that? All you need is a bridge, a stream , some friends to play with and some sticks.

Even though it was wet in the wood Wodland Elf still found a tree to climb! Do you like climbing trees? Why not get out there today and find a good tree to climb?

We hope you have enjoyed watching a out wet adventures this week. Have fun.


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